Isentress 400mg Tablets are an extremely effective drugs that have been approved for the treatment of HIV for both children and adults by the US FDA. It comes in two forms: isentress, which is what we focus on, and isentress hd. While the latter is approved for adults and children weighing at least 40 kg (88 pounds), isentress is approved for those weighing at least 4.4 kg (2 kg).

Isentress is used to control and manage HIV, as well as to help reduce the risk of transmitting HIV between partner to partner or infected mother to child. This drug cannot cure HIV, but it can prevent viral replication. This, however, can only be done if it is taken on a daily basis and the prescription is strictly followed.

For effective treatment of HIV infection, isentress must be used in conjunction with other anti-hiv drugs. A doctor or medical professional is best suited to assist you in determining which combination to use.

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